Vatterott College (Sunset Hills) St Louis Missouri


Complaint: Before starting my first day it was off to a bad start. I signed up for a class that will begin on 9/19/2016. Before orientation day on 8/10/2016, I was told that my first term cost would be 5,075.00. I have an estimate sheet that reflects this, but the next time I came back to campus, I informed them that a wanted to pay the first term at a cash payment to lower the amount borrowed. Vatterott came back to me with a new first term price of 6990.00 because I was trying to pay up front. When I stated that I felt like I was being punished because I was paying cash, the only response I got was, just pay the amount that’s amended at 6990.00 and that you are getting over a thousand dollars of tools. When I spoke to other classmates they said that they are only billed for 5,075.00. This is unfair. Extra bonus on orientation day. There was only five students for the class and one of which is on parole and cannot do Wednesday classes. Vatterott didn’t work out his schedule, they just wanted any federal money they can pocket. I just want my refund back, they don’t care about students, bad school, only cares about payments. needs to be put under investigation like ITT.

Tags: Trade Schools

Address: 12900 Maurer Industrial Drive St Louis, Missouri USA


Phone: (314) 843-4200

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