Vector Security Complaint


All companies have negative complaints and Vector is no exception. They have been blasted for fraudulent sales tactics, poor customer service, negligent monitoring services, and shady contract renewals. Having been a customer for a year now, I can honestly say that what you may have read about Vector in all the above categories is 100% accurate. They use low IQ door to door sales men who are trained to ask you to “place a sign at your house” which is perhaps the stupidest and most bewildering sales tactic I have ever heard of. Naturally they want you to sign a contract, not just place a sign. They entice you with “free equipment” worth “$1700” but a simple search on Ebay for the same model # and brand name of the equipment they want you to believe is worth nearly $2000 is actually worth less than $500. When the equipment they installed was malfunctioning and triggering alarms at all hours the idiot salesman did all he could to get me off the phone until I was practically screaming at him to fix the problem, which eventually was fixed. Customer service is slow, borderline rude, think DMV level care and concern. The real kicker is I just found out that what I thought was a 3 year contract is actually a 5 year contract. That was news to me. They confirmed they do auto renew contracts without even a courtesy reminder. Stay away from these ###s. If some knuckledragger in a Vector Security shirt knocks on your door with a sign politely slam it in his stupid looking face. Bad company. Look elsewhere.

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