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Several individuals have organized a very large scam. This scam is going to effect several hundred (possibly more) people (innocent, unsuspecting people).

Approximately 10 people have joined together to create a “fake” event to be able to scam a lot of people out of huge sums of money.

A “so-called” Egg-Stravaganza – Vendors & Crafters sale has been created by this group of individuals.

They claim the event:

Saturday, March 22nd from 10am-4pm at the Iowa State University – Scheman Building in Ames, Iowa.

This place of venue will NOT confirm this event.

They are collecting $65.00 from several individuals. Not only that, they are also collecting $65.00 from duplicate vendors, i.e., collecting – $65.00 from 2 different Scentsy Vendors, 2 different IT Works vendors, etc.

The biggest part of their scam is that they are guaranteeing refunds – to anyone – for any reason. The main reason for this is so more people are willing to give them their money.

They are collecting money in several different ways, including: through two different PayPal accounts – with two different email addresses. They are also taking credit card information over the phone. They are taking the complete information, including the verification codes on the back.

These individuals may have already collected well over thousands of dollars. The surprise will be when they end up canceling the event the day before or a few days before. They will promise refunds – but no-one will ever see them.

These individuals – ALL have criminal records and have been known for scamming people.

They are professionals! This is NOT the first time these people have scammed others! They claim other Event Coordinators are scammers – to remove the focus off of them – and to guarantee they will get their monies worth! And, while people are focused on others – these individuals are stealing them blind!

All individuals – need to be refunded all of the money they sent to these people.. I demand Remove this event immediately and refund money to all vendors. Stay away

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