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Verity Asset Management – Shady Firm

Verity Asset Management is a shady financial advisory firm. Those people are misleading their clients by acting like financial advisors while they are salespeople of certain investment products. As a client, I have noticed how they emphasize on certain investments and outright ignore other investments as if they are the worst. It is highly unethical and immoral. Such shady behaviour deserves a punishment from the authorities. WHen I found out that the people at Verity Asset Management were acting like this, I was devastated. If I had any idea that these people were such scammers, I wouldnít have done business with them in the first place. No, instead, I would have avoided them altogether. Itís the worst thing a financial advisor can do. 

I had only heard of such instances where wealth advisors give biased advice to their clients and deceive them into buying certain investment products to get commission from the provider of those investments. It happens frequently and it means that the advisor isnít doing their duty like they should. The duty of a wealth advisor is to understand their clientís financial requirements and suggest investments that help them meet the same effectively.

When a financial advisor gives biased advice, however, it means that the advisor isnít helping the client achieve their goals and meet their requirements properly. Instead, it means the financial advisor is Ďsellingí them investment products from one of their partners. In most cases, the clients are unaware of such partnerships between advisory firms and investments so they donít think any shady thing is going on. Devious wealth advisors take advantage of this unawareness of people and use it to make a lot of money. Believe me, I have only discovered these things recently. Before discovering all this, I also thought that the people at Verity Asset management had my best interests at heart. Now I know clearly thatís not the case at all. 

Salespeople, Not Financial Advisors

The advisors at Verity Asset management claim to be advisors but in reality, they are only a bunch of salespeople. In my opinion, they are the worst than any kind of salesperson because they are misleading people into buying from them. When youíre interacting with any kind of a  salesperson (a car salesman or a real estate agent), you at least know that they are trying to sell you something. With Verity Asset Management, thatís not the case. 

They make you believe that they are only suggesting investments that will help you attain your financial goals and become wealthy. However, they are actually manipulating you into investing into investments of their partners so they can earn commission from them. Itís very unethical and is a scam in my opinion. Why wouldnít it be a scam if the advisor is claiming to be doing something which they arenít doing exactly? I believe that the authorities should look into Verity Asset Management and take stringent action against their shady operations. Otherwise, they will keep misleading others and would keep selling their partnersí investments. My experience with these people has taught me many valuable lessons as well. Now I know that I canít trust any financial advisor out there.

I just didnít want anyone else to make the mistake I made. Believe me, the amount of valuable time and money I have lost because of my investments in their subpar and horrible investment products is too much for me to bear. I could have made much better financial decisions on my own if only I had known the truth behind Verity Asset Management. To be honest, I am surprised that FINRA and other regulatory authorities are allowing such financial planners to operate in the industry. Isnít it a scam? Shouldnít they be taking action against scams? It really bugs me that such enterprises are operating freely and are manipulating people left and right. 

Verity Asset Management Review: Conclusion

You donít get proper financial advice from the people at Verity Asset Management. Instead, you get sales calls from a group of salespeople. They are ripping off people by lying to their face and selling them investment products. I donít recommend working with these people. You should find a firm that actually cares about its clients and doesnít treat them like the golden goose.  

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