Verizon Fios Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Complaint: NEVER purchase anything on Verizon Fios (Movie, TV Show, etc.). Your aren’t purchasing it – you are only renting it for as long as you have an active Verizon account on your television. Verizon will claim that you can always log onto your account and watch owned titles online at That is a lie. You go through all the motions – sign in, go to the right place, choose your purchased video and here is what you get: Unable to continue video playback. License issued for this video is not supported by the video player. Please try again later. (6030) I’ve tried this on 3 different browsers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox – on both Mac and PC. NOTHING WORKS. They fail at different points, sometimes complaining about lack of Silverlight, other times displaying the error message above, other times just going into an infinite loop of nothingness. So, the several hundred dollars worth of “purchases”” that I made on Fios are now completely unavailable to me. Advice: if you want to PURCHASE movies or TV shows

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Address: ONLY do so from a service that permits you to DOWNLOAD the programs and does not require an internet connection to watch.”


Phone: Nationwide USA

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