VERIZON WIRELESS Sacramento California


Complaint: Here is a copy of the complaint I left on their website: “I have spent no less than 3 hours over the past 3 days ATTEMPTING to log into both my account and my Ellipsis Jetpack with the ‘help’ of several Non-English speaking agents. All of these agents were either too dense or just did not understand ENGLISH. Still unable to log into my online Account and secure a Admin Password to log into my mobile [4g LTE] hot spot device. I will be cancelling my service as 05-22-19 since I am unable to get ANY assistance from [so called] “”Tech Support””. If this is the incorrect web site to send this to then please forward it to the correct one. Please do not contact me directly unless you speak ENGLISH and you WILL assist where your co-workers have failed. Sincerely Irritated

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Clifton Rose”””


Phone: United States

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