Veronica D’amico Denver, Colorado Colorado


I’ve been with my husband for five years and have two kids together. My husband worked at a printing company. He was there for three years when Veronica”Roni” first started. He had to train her with the computer stuff and such. He always talked about how”stupid” she was for not understanding the process. One day he texted saying he was going to stay late at work because he was training her. I trusted him so I didn’t suspect anything. This became a routine thing for about 2 months so of course I started to wonder what the heck. || One night I got really suspicious so I got his phone while he was sleeping and went through his texts. Ah I couldn’t believe it, she was calling him babe! I was so mad. I saw she was sending him nude pictures of herself. Even videos doing you know what. I confronted him about it and he denied it all so I kicked him out. He was out for a month but we got back together because I wanted to fix things. She started sending me messages on Facebook saying he was with her. The funny thing was he was sitting next to me! She wanted us to fight again but it didn’t happen. Now she is out of our lives. I think she works in Boulder but I hope she leaves other couples alone because she’s a hoe. She puts the ho in homewrecker!

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