Very, Very Shady!!


I shocked truly with African Development Funding Group or ADF Group Limited that comes with partners like Dr. Graham B.A. Hukins, Jose de Costa, Michael Gutter, Dennis De Beer and many others. These guys are really shady as I come to know. They invest roughly 35 million USD to buy old companies and rename the same into their Group. They have been pretending to have market presence for a long period of time but do not really help people. They are now making false boasts about being rich South African billionaires. If it is really NGO then why so many firms, ADF mining, construction, technology, estates, even security and plant leases and hire or agriculture. Do anyone know how these funds come or why so many companies are there? What is the guarantee that money is not being channelled through this firms for personal welfare of esteemed members? Please people, let there be some investigation into this. Who gives for welfare and where does donations go? These guys are pretending something and acting like corporate on the side I think.

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