Vibrant Threads Stockholm Review


I have been ripped off by Vibrant Threads in the smiliar way other people have written here. I found their ad on Facebook and paid for a jacket. They seemed legit, and promised a delivery within 2-3 weeks. Nothing happened and I have had mail conversations with them ever since; Cody Emsky and Nick Romaniuk have written cut/paste e-mails asking me to have patience and bla bla…I got a shipping code for China Mail, and when I searched for it there, there was no match of a delivery. I had contact with China Mail who said that I had been scammed. Then I did a search for Vibrant Threads and found this site, and realize I’m not the only one who got ripped off. Just now I found a similar ad on Facebook and I had a closer look. The company is called Premium Outfitters ( ) and their Facebook page was created on Nov 1st, two weeks ago approx. Their website is very similar to Vibrant Threads and they sell the same jacket as well. The links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on their site etc don’t work. Be careful.

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