Victoria Gill – 7x Homewrecking slore, gold edition Ohio


Long story short she decided to walk her happy a55 I to MY FIANCES inbox and sent PLENTY OF nudes revealing just about everything. Talked dirty, told him she wanted to fuk, didnt want him to stop. She likes the attention. Meanwhile she knew I was pregnant, she didn’t care. Two kids and her man is still with her after shes fuked around 7 TIMES!!! She destroyed my relationship, she destroyed my pregnancy. She plays victim every chance she gets, tries to say that she doesnt contro her manic impulses and “falls on d1cks” to escape what a great FAMILY shes fuked up. Not only mine but her children. She lied about the whole affair, doesnt want to admit they had a PHYSICAL relationship. IN HER HOME WHERE HER FAMILY LIVES. Her fiance brushes it off because “he loves her” she just cant love him. NO SHE WONT LOVE YOU BECAUSE SHE DOESNT LOVE YOU. SHES A SLORE WHO WANTS EVERYONES MAN BUT HER OWN. She is a compulsive manipulative lying twat who doesnt deserve anything. She needs to be alone for ever!!! When I tried to confront her it was POOR ME, POOR ME, THIS HAPPENED TO ME. NO you phsyco YOU DID THIS TO YOU. YOU opened them legs, you took those pictures, you opened your mouth, you grabbed that d1ck. You will never amount to anything in life, you’re a sick fuk who deserves the worst. Do us all a favor and leave them kids alone, go into solitary and never talk to anyone again. The way you live your life is disgusting. Why go after a man who already has a family. I get that you wanted to make him feel as fuking sh1tty about himself as you. You get off on bringing people to your level of disgust. The sad thing is, you love your chaos filth. You thrive off that sh1t. You’re a disgrace to the human race. Shame on you. You’ll never be loved. it’s a fake game you’ve made up, enjoy your lonely empty pathetic excuse of a life, I hope you cheat again and again, and hate yourself more and more.

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