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Complaint: I purchased the Multistore Builder Pro plugin on 3/8/2017. The Multistore builder website has a members area where plugin purchasers can download the plugin version that they purchased and watch tutorials about how to install and configure the plugin. I configured the plugin with my affiliate ID from the various vendors like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Aliexpress etc.. The plugin came with a theme called Beamstore and a beamstore extras addon. It was supposed to be in the bonus area but was not there. I emailed the support desk to find out where to find the theme to get it installed on my test store. A couple of days or so had passed and I was sent a link to download the Beamstore theme. Most likely because I requested it within the 30 day refund period. How the plugin is supposed to workThe plugin allows you to build an online store on your WordPress website. It imports products from vendors and online stores such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay to name a few. The plugin is also supposed to import the product pricing and product reviews. The plugin is also supposed to automatically update the prices in your store to match the vendor’s pricing: For example: If eBay or Amazon raises or lowers the price on an item that youu2019ve imported into the store with the plugin, the price change is supposed to automatically update for the item, that youu2019ve imported, in your store. The Harsh Reality about the Multistore Pro PluginThree weeks or so after the 30-day refund policy period had passed, I had noticed that the following plug-in features were no longer working: Multiple product import featureWhen attempting to import multiple items or products into my store, the import features just hangs, Iu2019ve had it hang up to 40 minutes before I refreshed the page. Itu2019s broken. Product ReviewsProduct reviews do not import with any of the products imported into the store…NOT AT ALL! Items/product pricingItems or products imported into the store using the plugin will not, do not and still does not update the price of the item if the vendor changes the prices. The price in my store for all of the items that Iu2019ve imported will not update automatically unless they are reimported again. Searching for the products to reimport them into the store again is a real pain. In this case, it’s a never-ending pain. The Beamstore theme / Beamstore XtraThis theme is supposed to make your store full of imported products look a real online storefront. It utilizes components and script files from the woo commerce plugin. The problem: When the woo commerce plugin is updated by woocommerce, the beamstore theme does not update all of the required woocommerce components and script files that are required. It is necessary to manually update these components in order to fix the problem, once again this is an ongoing headache. Victory Akpos – Multistore Builder Helpdesk Support On May 29, 2017, I opened a support ticket with the multistore support desk. A week went by, with no response…I added to the ticket still to this day now as Iu2019m writing this report, there has been no response to any of the tickets that have sent to the support desk. On 6/22/2017 Victory sent this following email to his Multistore Builder customers about an updated version of the plugin that fixes the reported bugs:——————————————From: MultiStore Builder Subject: Important Updates, V2, New Features & Request… (Let’s do this!) Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 6:56 AM Hey, Greetings! Since the launch of Multi Store Builder Plugin we have been working and at this point we are set to push a major update on the plugin through our server and you will get a notification on your WordPress admin panel.. This update has fixed most reported concerns/observations by our esteemed users.. It has also enhance and improve some features like the pagination, invalid affiliate keys response, multi-lingual support etc. All old users will be required to initiate the upgrade once we push the update to the server. No payment is required by you. Just log in to your WP admin and you will see an update notification. Coolio. On Feature Request; We’d love to know any feature/s you are presenting wishing was available on Multi store builder plugin so that we can quickly add it up. Also if you have any concern, please send me an email here. Our regular update is evidence that we’re listening and take your feedback very seriously. This plugin belong to us all as one happy MSB family and together we can make it greater than ever before. Thank You. Victory Akpos Co-founder, Multi Store Builder Plugin. Tip: If You Are Selling Online or Intend To Earn a Living Online Then You Need to Find Out How You Can Stop Paying Your Web Hosting Provider Forever.. With the recurring high cost expenses on web hosting fees alone monthly and yearly it becomes more difficult for newbies and amateur netpreneurs to keep up with their online adventure…Obviously! Hence I want to give you a headsup about an epic product launching today. Lifetime.Hosting is a new concept in Hosting. Instead of paying month-after-month, they charge you once. A single one-time payment of 14.95 bucks. Customers who got this selfish and over-efficient hosting through last year are still enjoying a world-class service. So Don’t Miss Early Bird Pricing on Lifetime.Hosting. Get more details here I will send you another mail before the cart opens to tell you more about the AWESOME BONUSES Am dropping. Expect my mail by 10 am est today. —————————————————– In this same email, after Victory Akpos says that heu2019s set to make a major push from their servers, regarding the multistore builder update, he tries to promote and sell another product in the same email. Notice that there was no release date specified for multistore customers to receive the updated plugin. This was all a lie and a ploy to gain customer trust in order to sell yet another product without delivering or supporting his product. Victory Apomedaye promises to push the updated plugin to the WP Admin Panel via their servers. As of filing this Ripoff Scams, the supposed updated plugin has not been pushed to my WP Admin Panel, the plugin has not been updated or uploaded into the Multistore builderu2019s members area, nor has a link to the updated plugin been sent out to me for resolution. What Happened next…In August 2017 Victory Akpos, sent an email out about the V2 multistore builder update Training Webinar. Once you enter your name and email address you were signed up for the training webinar. He promised customers in the email that they would receive the updated version of the plugin immediately after attending the webinar.The webinar turned out to be a rehash of the training tutorials loaded in the member’s area. During the training webinar, Victory mentioned that he and his staff were behind on addressing the support tickets and to be patient as his team is getting around to answering all of them. During the training, he attempted to import multiple items into a store that he created and the item never imported into his store. In fact, the multiple import feature froze until he refreshed the page. This was one of the same exact issues that I emailed his support desk about in May. It looked like it wasnu2019t fixed. He made excuses up on the webinar and quickly moved through the rest of the u201cso-calledu201d training. The training was horrible as there was frequent screen freezing, his thick heavy accent was difficult to understand, and the audio kept cutting in and out during the webinar. He failed to mention or demonstrate any of the new features and bug fixes throughout the training webinar. While attending his training webinar and seeing that Victory had similar problems, like me, with the plugin, I began to wonder if there really was an updated version of the plugin. Just another Marketing Ploy…Those of us who stayed to the end of the webinar were supposed to receive the updated plugin. Nope this didnu2019t happen, instead, this was a lie and another marketing ploy to get the attendees to stay until the end so that he could promote and sell more of his s**t The day after the webinar, V. Akpos emailed all of the attendees the link to watch the recording of this useless training webinar. The updated plugin had not been pushed to my WP Admin Panel via his server as he said that it would.There was no additional information provided nor emails about where to get the updated plugin as of writing this report. I sure as hell started receiving marketing emails from V. Akpos as he was promoting more products and services. I was patiently waiting for an email that provided information about the updated plugin because I wanted to get my store up and going. Up to the date of writing this report, there has been no emails nor any mention about the multistore builder v2 update from Victory O. Akpomedaye (aka Victory Akpos) A few days later or so after attending the webinar, I opened another ticket with the support desk on 8/25/2017 to get information about where to find the updated plugin since it was not pushed to my WP Admin Panel nor to be found in the member’s area. My email experience with V. AkposLast week September 24, I sent Victory Akpomedaye an email to his u201cpersonal email accountu201d expressing my disappointment with his failure to provide the updated plugin and an update about it. I advised him that we need to get this resolved quickly as my patience has run out and I also informed him that if we canu2019t get this resolved within 6 days that I would file a report with the BBB and a Ripoff Scams. Note: I learned that the BBB only addresses consumer issues with American businesses. The UK does have a BBB equivalent, which is nice to know) This was his email response back to me: —————————————————— From: Akpos Victory Subject: Re: MultiStore Builder – Important Updates, V2, New Features & Request… (Let’s do this!)Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017 11:17 AM Hi, Thanks for reaching out. However you got it all wrong by adding a threat to your message as it’s not welcome by our business operations in anyway. We have a lot of satisfied customers over same product you are complaining about. IF you need any form of assistance now you have personal email it will do you good to report the issue you are facing with the plugin here. Thanks———————————————My question is that if Iu2019m the only one complaining about the product and he has a lot of satisfied customers using the multistore plugin, why was it necessary to send out an email saying that there is an updated version of the plugin? Why was it necessary to schedule a training webinar in August 2017? Where is the v2 of the plugin that is supposed to have fixed all of the bugs? I emailed him every other day this week to resolve this issue with him in private because I was making an effort to respect his marketing livelihood. After sending him 4 emails this week Iu2019ve come to the conclusion that there is no multistore plugin v2. It was a lie and a ploy to promote and market more of his products. If there was an updated version of the plugin, it would already be available in the memberu2019s area or pushed from his u201cso-calledu201d servers…and I would not be wasting my valuable time writing this Ripoff Scams. Since he has chosen to avoid and ignore my emails, it is my responsibility to get the word out so that potential customers, partners, and ethical internet marketers can be aware that Victory Akpos is all about the money. He has not to this day and will not support the plugin that he sold. He will avoid you and ignore your emails, even if you make an earnest effort to work with him to resolve the issue. He does not understand patience, nor treats his customers with respect. Feedback for Victory AkposCustomer satisfaction goes a long way and it is the most important component to possess in order to have a successful online marketing career. Customer satisfaction creates repeat sales and it is the lifeu2019s blood of any business. Your wealth is a byproduct of how well you treat your customers and listen to them. You of all people in the online marketing business should know this very well. Your failure to respond to my emails and tickets say a lot about your character, ethics, and business practices. Your actions show that you do not care about doing the right thing for your customers. Youu2019ve made your quick buck now you have no use for the customer until it’s time to market or sell them more of your stuff. Word of Warning to anyone condering purchasing any V. Akpos products or services – Do so at your own risk!!! V. Akpos is behind other software products like MobileX, Syndsocial, InstaPilot, WPContent Machine, Baydrill, Multistore Builder Plugin and ReachInfluencer. If you are new to marketing or are interested in purchasing any of these products that Victory has his hand in, you should think long and hard before you buy it. He will take your hard earned money, and after the return or refund period is over, he will most likely leave you hanging high and dry. Continue to fill your inbox with his promotion and not keep his word when problems arise with the product. Final Thoughts: Marketers and product creators/developers that behave in this manner, give the good internet marketers and product creators/developers a bad name. I am not angry with Akpos, I only feel great sadness and pity that he has lost his way, chasing the dollar to make a quick buck off the backs of hardworking people. Karma is a b***h and I feel sorry for you when she comes knocking at your door; for she will give you what youu2019ve given to others and more.

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