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*** Beware of buying these orthotic/arch supports *** WARNING. The Village Shoe Store sales person is a con-artist and will tell you anything to sell you the orthotic/arch supports at an outrageous price. On July 25, 2013 I visited Village Shoe Store to look at sandals. A sales person (and it might have been Edie Almogabar) showed me several pairs of sandals. Then he turned it around and brought out a pair of orthotic/arch supports. He told me that the orthotic/arch supports my podiatrist had sold me were not doing me any good. He took my orthotic/arch support and bent it all around to show me I needed something else. He said the ones their store sold were solid and would give me more support. He then told me that I should have bought more sturdy tennis shoes. He brought over a pair and showed me how sturdy his were. He took my almost new shoe and bent it all around to show me that mine were not sturdy. This store should be put out of business. On July 29, 2013 approximately 10:00 AM I went in to return the orthotic/arch supports. The lady at the counter said that City Law would not allow her to take them back. After contacting the City of Houston – there is NO such law. Do not do business with this company. BUYER BEWARE!

2507 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas USA


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