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Complaint: I signed up for vindale research 3 months ago. Elizabeth told me when I make $600 that I would need to provide my I.D. and 2 other forms of identification and file a W-2 form. I said to myself ok since I wouldnt be using them that long. Vindale research paid me for 2 months everything was good, But this 3rd month they wanted to play their scam games in order not to pay me. Elizabeth said there was suspisious activity on my account, (This is how vindale gets you) They send you survey emails to your email which will direct you to surveys, The scam is that vindale knows that when you click on surveys through email that you are not signed into vindale research just because of that it will cause suspisious activity on your account. This is the tool vindale uses to not pay you. Then Vindale will tell you that their is suspisious activity on your account that you need to provide 3 forms of I.D. 1) Update your phone number 2) Photo copy your I.D. 3) Give them your SSN# You dont have to give them any type of I.D. at all until you reach $600 So what Vindale does is have you click on surveys through your email so you do surveys and wont be signed into vindale research which makes it look like suspisious activity on your account. They will use this scam not to pay you, To lock you out of your account, and to get your personal information for their scam uses. Stay away from Vindale Research they will reel you in for your 1st few payments then will scam you in order not to pay you. Ive seen these type of complaints against vindale research but I didnt believe it, I now wish I did.

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