VIP TALENT CONNECT Philly Pennsylvania Review


The saddest part of this SCAM is I think that Aly fata** Kaback and Michael James (formerly known as Michael Fomkin the scam artist based out of Florida) actually believe what they are doing is not a scam! I went to some “open call”” in a dark room after waiting for an extended period of time while employees scrambled to keep ppl under control. Upon entering the room it is very clear asking questions about their operations is not allowed as I witnessed many ppl get escorted out for doing so. I thought it was bizarre but I also thought that receiving a phone call out of the blue when having never entered my information on their site was also. Sitting there listening to Miss Nancy Marx (former “”talent”” gone employee for Aly) introduce Miss f****s herself I knew I was in for a sales pitch…much like that of a time- share. Even though they denied it

I sat there to get the full gist. After name dropping for an hour

Aly was really starting the work the crowd! Then at the wrap of her longwinded speech

the crowd is shown a video of an “”event”” where ppl have 1 on 1 time with Real Experts or as I like to call….8 hours of hell where you stand in line waiting to hand your “”marketing”” material to the “”experts”” such as Ryan Colby

(one of their experts who is a notorious scumbag false agent who has a record for harassing young boys) The Phantom of the Opera himself (who has what kind of pull getting anyone a job?)

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