Virgil Miller And Victoria Moreno-Tupps – St. Cloud, Florida Florida


Vicky and Virgil are the scum of earth… This whore likes to chase and pursue married family men.. I was with and married to this man for 16 yrs when he decided to go mental and join a gang, buy a bar, then sleep with his employees… Atleast her anyways, she was the only thirsty and starving bitch there, the others knew better and had more self respect than this skank… He pays no child support in order to support her and her habits …. He had his family thrown into the streets (luckily had a good family) and does not support his children in order to pay for her flights to see the kid she gave away in order to run with my husband, he pays for her BRAND NEW F250, her house, going on vacays etc while his children go without so they can do all of above and party… But this isnt her first ballgame, shes wrecked other marriages and families but thank god those who have passed her around were smart to get rid of her… Just wanted to make the good people out there of these 2 scumbags…

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