Virgin Atlantic Airways Complaint


Am I the only person who is affected by the problem of strong perfume triggering migraine headaches? Virgin-Atlantic seems to think so. I recently became severely affected by a migraine after having been subjected to 11 hours of flying in a cabin serviced by male flight attendants who reeked of perfume. This is not the first time this has happened, so I wrote to Virgin-Atlantic to ask if their dress code could include a ban on perfume. Their answer was an unequivocal “No”. Apparently, as I am the first person to mention this problem, I am considered extremely unusual — a “one-off” in their own words. (After this I Googled “Migraine+perfume+trigger” and found 26, 000+ hits — hardly a “one-off”). I have been requested by Virgin-Atlantic not to reply regarding my complaint with the company. I will not let this matter drop. I am currently campaigning against perfume being worn by flight attendants, especially those who spray their jackets and pants with aerosol sprays in the cabin!! Truly, my husband and I witnessed this on a flight from London to San Francisco by two male flight attendants! When my husband asked them to stop, as it was offensive, they were both surprised and not a little surly. On behalf of migraine sufferers everywhere, please, please help me organize a letter requesting airlines to change their policy regarding perfumed flight attendants.

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