Visiting Stumbo Orthodontics turned out to be a huge mistake


Dr. Stumbo is a fool. Dr. Stumbo doesnít know much about orthodontics. Itís either that or he is too careless. In either case, this orthodontist isnít trustworthy. Youíd be much safer in the hands of some other orthodontist. An orthodontist is supposed to check your dental health before setting up braces on your teeth. Guess what Dr. Stumbo did? He didnít do any checkup. The end result: I had to visit someplace else, get the braces removed and get treatment for gingivitis. Dr. Stumbo is really arrogant as well. He doesnít care about the health or well-being of the patients he is treating. All he cares about is his ego. I was fooled by his website. I had thought he was a trustworthy and reliable doctor but the reality was much different. He has kept his website so professional looking that anyone can fall prey to that. Not only that, Dr. Stumbo has plenty of positive online reviews for his business too. I donít know how he could have gotten so many positive reviews. Either this person has changed drastically or most of those reviews are lies. Considering how arrogant Dr. Stumbo is, Iím guessing the latter to be quite possible. The staff there doesnít do anything. They just stroll around and follow the orders of Dr. Stumbo and youíre just a scapegoat for him. I had gone there for a simple orthodontic treatment. But Dr. Stumbo didnít do any checkups before giving me braces. After a few weeks, I began to feel difficulty in chewing. I didnít know the cause of this problem and so, I was quite worried. I visited Stumbo Orthodontics in the hope that my orthodontist will look into the matter. He told me to relax and to forget about such worries. According to him, everything was fine. What a joke!! As I was facing a lot of difficulty in eating and chewing, I decided to get a second opinion. This other dentist told me that I had gum problems and that I shouldnít be wearing braces at the moment. The braces were only worsening the condition. I couldnít believe this other dentist at first. But then he showed me a few pictures and reports which convinced me. Finally, I decided to go and meet Dr. Stumbo. I confronted him and asked him how he could mess up a simple orthodontic treatment. He told me that I was out of my mind and that I need to see a mental doctor. You donít expect your orthodontist to use such kind of language. Iím lucky that I got a second opinion on my treatment from Dr. Stumbo. If I hadnít gotten that second opinion, I might still be suffering from that agonizing pain. Itís great that Iíve finally recovered. Iím no longer visiting Stumbo Orthodontics and Iíd advise you to do the same. The place is a mess and Dr. Stumbo isnít a good professional.

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