Vitasalus Complaint


According to the website it is advertised that average installation costs for a very similar product ranges between $100-$200. Relying upon this advertising, I purchased a product from Vitasalus in the first week of May. This product was delivered about a week later. After getting plumbing quotes from four different companies, the least expensive being over $500, I returned the product under the 100% satisfaction guarantee. I called and explained the situation and got an RMA number from the company who promised to send me a check and shipped it back. It was delivered to the company on May 28th. I called customer service to request the status of my refund. Customer service was less than helpful, connecting me to their automated voicemail the majority of the 30+ times I have called. When I did get some help, they told me that it would take up to 30 days to receive a refund. I called on June 29th and was informed that they were not honoring the return shipping policy but would be sending me a refund of $698. These funds were already on a check on its way. I called back several times over the next week, asking for more information as the check did not arrive. On July 7th I called asking to speak to a supervisor, who informed me that no check had been cut, and no refund was due. When I asked for an explanation, he informed me that nobody was in the office who had more information. This is the same response I had gotten for the last few weeks. It has now been several weeks since they received the returned product, and they have shown no signs of cooperating with sending out a refund. It appears their goal is to frustrate customers into giving up before a refund is received with their customer service people who, upon hearing your call is dealing with a return, place you on hold without asking permission and transfer you to a voicemail no one answers or responds to. I have since had the GREAT displeasure of speaking with Mr John Cloutier, who is the companies acting manager (though he will not admit to this). His brother, Robert Cloutier, is the VP (who is also a pompous ###). After jerking me around for ANOTHER 3 weeks when I was filing a BBB complaint against them, he had the audacity to LIE to the BBB about the nature of our interactions. My experience with this company can aptly be described as ‘hell’ and I would suggest no one do any business whatsoever with this company – if you send them a DIME you will never see it again as their ‘return policy’ is really a red herring that they simply will not honor under any circumstances. I have read numerous other examples of this activity, and have come to the conclusion that this company exists only to perpetrate fraud against its customers. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, under any circumstances. If they can’t be trusted with your money, how could they POSSIBLY be trusted with your HEALTH?

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