Vivacious Skin Edenton North Carolina Review


I signed up for this product through a Facebook Ad. I know how these ususally work. There was NO terms and conditions box, so I assumed they were really good and trying to get there name out there. I was charged from $80.00 to $90.00 for 2 seperate products. Called the company they canceled my membership. And when I explained that there FB link had issues they didn’t even acknowlege my complaint. I checked the shipping confirmation email and no where did it say let us know by 14 days if you want to cancel. Nothing in boxes for product either, very plain, just product. Both companies offered me 35% and then 50% discount to not make a complaint. When I told them I wanted to see where I agreed to the terms and conditions, they would not provide that to me, I should be aloud to see that right? They told me to go ahead and make a complaint and hung up on me, both companies did not want a compaint but were not willing to listen. Bad customer service. Product does not work, they will not take it back.

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