Vivid Images Jackson Mississippi Review


Vivid images over charges for shipping, and even if they mess up on the shipping by shipping to the wrong address, they still want you to pay to fix it. After showing them the email explaing what address to use, I had to get someone to retreive the package I paid for, have them drop the package back off to them and then they still tried to get me to pay $27 for shipping once again. After a few minutes of arguing that it was their fault and showing the proof, as well as arguing that I would be recieving the package days later than anticipated, they decided to pay for shipping. After all of that, I ordered more stuff and told them that I would have someone pick it up, especially after finding out it only cost $19.80 to ship the package. I wired my person $35 to pick up the package and take it to Grey Hound to ship it to me, so I could have it later in the day. When she got to Vivid Images, some kind of way they talked her into giving them $30 so they could take it to Grey Hound to ship it. While she was still at the desk telling me what she was doing, I told her no, don’t give them the money, you take it over. Dustin (person at the register) tells her that it would be a $15 cancelation fee to hand her the money back. He hadn’t began to fill out any shipping data, yet, it would cost $15 to hand her, her money back? That’s a rip off!

2167 Beaumont Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA


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