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I purchased 2 tickets to Tim McGraw concert for Aug. 2, 2015 at DTE in Clarkson, MI. I picked seats that were priced at $161 as I did not want to spend over $350 including taxes and any small fees. I selected the 2 tickets and then I had to click a box that said I agree that the face value of the tickets (no mention of a service fee) could be more than the value of the tickets. I wasn’t sure what this meant but thought it must mean they could possibly cost less somewhere else which I clicked Agree as I wanted to be sure I got them. I figured I would find out later if I did a search on another website if the price was more or not. I had to click Agree or I would not have been able to purchase the tickets. I also had no choice but to choose Email Deliver even though I wanted them mailed to me. So after clicking agree I see my receipt that I was charged $409.37!! for 2 tickets that only totaled $322.00. It said After I agree and it was already charged to my credit card; that there is an $87.37 Service Fee! (for what?) and also $6.95 charge for email delivery which was my only choice and I have to provide the paper and ink!! I could see if they had to actually mail them and what is the $87.37 fee? There was no page that said what the total would be, no page that showed the service fee and total Before you hit submit not even a submit button just a box where you have to click “i agree”” well I did not agree to paying a $87.37 service fee and I am having some legal advise to see if this is legal or not. This is trickery!!!”

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