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Volodymir Pigida & Marina Bondarenko Trend Sound Promoter Investments Reviews I heard about Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corp from a friend that invested $4,000 in the company and will earn $1,000 for 12 months. I decided to do it too. The company wouldn’t pay me my “earnings”. They changed their Independent Distributor Agreement requiring me to refer at least 3 people a month to join or else they won’t pay me. On top of that, Volodimyr Pigida also wanted me to sell his junk music created with a computer. He told me to buy a prepaid visa card from gas station and then buy the music using my husbands name and then he will pay me my commissions. A few days later Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corp. filed for bankruptcy. Volodimyr Pigida threatned investors/creditors stating that Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corp was working with the FBI and the Federal Courts will penalize anyone who attempts to contact Volodimyr Pigida or Trend Sound Promoter about the debt because he is now protected under bankruptcy. The U.S Trustee found that Volodimyr Pigida, along with his lover Marina Bondarenko transferred over $2,000,000 of Trend Sound Promoter investor funds to purchase a new waterfront home. Volodimyr Pigida and Marina Bondarenko are attempting to de-fraud it’s creditors and investors. They have committed fraudulent money transfer fraud. I really hope that we can get Justice for the victims of their hybrid ponzi/pyramid scheme, Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corp. Volodimyr Pigida is a big guy with a voice as soft as a womens. He isn’t educated, has no higher education degree. The only thing he knows how to do is steal money from innocent people. Marina Bondarenko, lived in Spokane Washington with her family. She decided her life was borning and abandoned her family to go with Volodimyr Pigida to Bellevue Washington to start a online hybrid ponzi/scheme company in hopes to steal enough money from innocent people. They used Trend Sound Promoter Investor Funds to purchase a house on Lake Washington for $1,499,000.00 located at: 3713 Lake Washington Blvd. North, Renton, Washington 98056. If your a Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corp Investment Victim of Volodimyr Pigida’s and Marina Bondarenko’s Attempt to De-Fraud Creditors of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, you shouldn’t be scared to tell. File a complaint with the SEC, FBI, DOJ and with your local law enforcement. .

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