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Complaint: I bought a dog – a rescue – from Gayle Dale of Vom Dreifke Shepherds. I am disabled and looking for a service dog candidate. I was assured of a few things with this dog. She was supposed to know basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come), be a perfect stable temperament, and be completely free of hip dysplasia. When I first met the dog she seemed to be this. However, when I brought her home and to a vet, the story starts to go downhill. The first thing I noticed was her incredibly oily and smelly fur. I figured she was just dirty, so I gave her a bath. WIthin a week she was back to smelling the same. I mentioned this to my vet, and the vet took a sample from her ear (one of the smellier places) and said that she had a yeast infection there, and that a skin infection was also fairly likely. The vet told me she had hookworms and heartworms. So, I began treating her. I figured: okay, dogs get worms, that happens sometimes. Plus, we live in the southeast, which means even a few months of preventative skipped equals heartworms. Well, as soon as she was treated for the hookworms her temperament changed completely. Whereas before she was calm, now she was incredibly high energy and high anxiety. If I stepped out of the room she cried and barked incessantly. I couldn’t leave her alone for fear she would hurt herself in her crate. For the first several days she wouldn’t even leave her crate. She was completely disinterested in food bribes. Furthermore, now that her energy was back, she displayed new vigor and even some aggression issues when playing with other dogs. I know what it looks like when dogs play fight, and I know what a small scrap over a toy looks like. This was not that. She displayed extreme resource guarding issues – she guarded my attention and would lunge at my family dog if I tried to pet him, she would take all the toys and put them in her crate, and would growl at him and take it if she forgot one and saw him playing with it. After a few days I ran out of the joint supplements Gayle had given me. I went to order some more, but in the meantime, I observed how the dog did without them. After just three days off these joint supplements, she began to limp in her left foreleg. Also, she began to bunny-hop as she ran. When she got up from laying down it took visible effort for her. We experienced a cold snap and these symptoms got noticeably worse. A good friend of mine who has experience with German Shepherds came over and looked at her and told me – without me telling him my opinion – that she looked like she had hip dysplasia. This, combined with the fact that this dog could hardly navigate hardwood floors and couldn’t navigate more than five stairs whatsoever, convinced me that the dog at the very least had hip problems if not full on dysplasia. Oh, and did I mention, this dog was supposed to be three years old? Of course, before posting here I contacted Gayle. I had paid a lot of money for this dog, and expected a lot from it. She talked me in circles, told me that she never did refunds, and that she’d be willing to take the dog back without a refund – but I’d have to wait two weeks. I’m no idiot, I’m not going to just give her this dog back. I’m not going to send this dog back to the place it contracted hookworms and back to a person who couldn’t even notice that drastic of a change in a dog, especially for zero refund. I know she’d just turn around and sell the dog to some other hapless buyer with empty promises. This dog is completely and totally unfit to be a service dog. The fact that this woman would take advantage of someone with debilitating PTSD and refuse to offer any compensation whatsoever is honestly horrifying. I was sold a dog on completely empty promises. Now, I have to deal with having a bad tempered dog with degenerative health issues. This is something I can’t afford – I still need a service dog! I certainly can’t afford to pay for two dogs, and I certainly can’t have a bad tempered dog around a service dog. So now I’m out a significant amount of money and I have to struggle with finding this dog a new home.

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Address: 17519 McKenney Hwy McKenney, Virginia USA

Website: www.vomdreifkeshepherds.com/


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