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Complaint: To all who read this. beware who you buy your pup/dog from. ETHICS MORALS are nr1 1) Let this be a warning when you import, then give away, a great dog, that you SEE the vaccination record BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Cole was completely OVER vaccinated and died due to severe gastro intestinal issues (Not EPI) where he was unable to absorb nutrition. Cole who was just 4 yrs old upon arrival in the USA so skinny and his face was so very sad. For TWO years since I brought him into my life he remained thin, I was able to keep him at 73lbsand muscular though, but then disaster hit, and I lost a litter out of Cole due to Parvo. NEVER had Parvo affected my pups in nine years!I suspect the low immunity due to over vaccination of Cole’s semen passed on to the pups and they were unable to fight it off. The pups were 6 weeks when infected, and 7 weeks when FIVE vets for a week missed it was parvo, with the 6th vet diagnosing it and then it was too late. They were too sick to be saved. Back to Cole von der Wienerau, his history indicated gastro problems,which were NOT revealed to me. I even asked about him at the Wienerau kennel in Germany, there he had left at age 1, and was ‘fine’. So I was told. The seller Stefano of Haus Mailand from the United Kingdom also didn’t reveal this severe issue. Upon Cole’s arrival here, he looked emaciated. It was awful. I put him on a lot of good supplements, had him tested for EPI, blood tested, giardia, you name it, The supplements which worked: probiotics, zyflamend, fiber pills, raw meat meals helped and he gained weight. I was hopeful, but the weight gain stopped at 73 lbs. He looked good though the diarea never stopped. Once he got here i started asking Stefano of Haus Mailand repeatedly what had been going on with Cole. He finally owned up to it that he’d been having diarea there too and his vet said to give him yogurt and pasta and that would work. The pasta somewhat helped, but my diet worked better so I stuck to that. He was very energetic and happy here throughout. But the diarea continued.I also contacted the Wienerau Kennel again and asked about Cole, as this is not something that just starts. He too now mentioned Cole did have intestinal issues. HERE is my point.: These irresponsible vets and breeders know of this issue, and yet, continue to vaccinate any poor dog with whatever it takes to get them out of their lives and dump them on the unsuspecting responsible breeder to clean up their mess. Just so to make a buck. When I saw his vaccination record from Europe I had a heart attack – It was utterly disgusting. Especially the HIGHLY TOXIC Rabies was completely out of control! This was because Cole had been in the UK and was sent back and forth, everytime they did that another load of toxins were pumped into this great dog. WAIT, it gets worse…. Now we go to where vom Kammer is a cruel breeder So I lost the entire litter to parvo and will never breed again. I don’t have the stomach to do that to creatures I love with all my being. End of that. They were so gorgeous and playful and loving. At that point, as a hobby breeder, and extremely distraught due to the loss of eight gorgeous pups, and couldn’t afford to keep 10+ shepherds without the offset of two litters a year, decided to adopt out (not sell!) the younger ones to homes whom had already dogs of mine. But not Cole. However, Vom Kammer German Shepherds vomkammer.com/ whom I considered a friend, immediately jumped on offering to take Cole and swore their vet could heal Cole. My condition was he’d NOT live in their (awful) kennels as they are not for my dogs, mine always lived like pets. I gave them the entire rundown of the diet in writing too, he was doing well on, recommended he next needed to be seen by a CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHIST, and told them not to do anything drastic with his diet.WRONG move, one which I will regret for the rest of my life. They claim they did $3,000 in testing which they never proved, (& a waste of time) but never ever followed any of my instructions of things that worked for him other than the pasta. A year and a half of my work where I finally kept him at 73 lbs. (PS: his Giardia did return as their vets test returned, but we all should know how bad of parasite that is, of course, and the treatment is extremely harsh on the intestines as well.) He arrived there the 20th of January 2012, and six or seven months later ( I presume) they put him to sleep???And to make it more disgusting, I only found this out when I wrote them to ask if they wanted to return him to me at my expense since they’d removed him from their website and I offered to have him live his life out here since they clearly didn’t want to use him.The RUDENESS is that I had to write them twice to get an answer. Not even a phone call explaining themselves,saying how sorry they were. Still have not heard anything….by the way. Its too late now, and I need to warn the public of this immense ripoff they committed. Another thing to keep in mind is that it took me FOUR years to get vom Kammer (who are commercial breeders breeding 12+ litters per year) to start testing ALL their dogs for Degenerative Myelopathy, a test extremely inexpensive ($35 per dog) and 100% reliable to eradicate a disease so horrific its beyond measure.That was my 2nd condition for them getting Cole for free. So, they did for a while. I think they stopped doing it as the new imported female was NOT tested and could be at risk. Since I bred very little and always sold out quickly, I send them plenty of business leads over the years which I now get paid back with complete inconsiderate non compassionate silence, a TRUE animal lover would have given me the option to take him back, which was my 3rd condition, when Cole was to retire, I’d be the first to have the choice to take him. Well i wanted him back… but NO,THAT too was taken from us! They did this before with another male dog (not one of mine, of course) who had fistulas. This is a controllable treatable illness, www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiMI4-phkRw but they got tired of it and put him down. Since, of course, he was unadoptable because of it, off he goes. So they did the same to Cole EVEN THOUGH HE HAD OPTIONS TO COME BACK TO ME!!!! ?????? The vom kammer kennel set up is deplorable. I was there once in snowy December of 08 and it was a very sad sight to see dogs locked up like that. Outdoor small chain link kennels with only tarps to protect them from the elements. They even admitted their dogs don’t get out much due to lack of time and never get to play with the other dogs because they get in fights. Anti social dogs should not be bred with! I wrote a long polite email asking them to have their vet call my vet with a complete diagnosis of Cole. Never happened. Roberta Katz of vom Kammer told me in a very brief inconsiderate email that after and Ultra Sound their vet diagnosed he was dying from the inside out. which is impossible for a Ultra Sound to diagnose. NO ultrasound can do that…!!! So I implore that you only buy from SMALL NON commercial breeders who breed 2 or 3 litters a year, and not at the same time! Litters are to be spaced apart to receive proper care and socialization! Or get a great pure bred dog from a Rescue organization! Also, to breeders where you can go to SEE and meet the parents and the dogs, how they live and are NOT kenneled – that they are tested for not only hip/elbows, but also DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY, what are they fed? Are they titled? and that you did your home work WHAT IS A GOOD FOOD. its in this order: raw, dehydrated raw, canned, kibble from a reliable source. Look up Dr. Karen Becker on her many videos on youtube about nutrition etc I hope to have helped at least several unsuspecting pup buyers from making the mistake of their lives. These commercial breeders have got to be held accountable and only you the buyer can make that judgement!

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