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Complaint: I work for a Waffle House location under the same management as the Lula location. I have worked there for 4 years now on weekends. I went in to et breakfast on my day off, at which time I was notified the District took me off the schedule. When I asked why Iwas told it was due to the fact the district could not locate my tickets that were turned in to the unit manager on the day in question. Once I turn them in and leave they are out of my control. I was instructed to call in later to find out if I worked the next day or not. When I called in I was informed some of my tickets were found rung up for the incorrect amounts. There are 5 people on the shift I work and we all ring up everyones tickets. There are no forms of accountability and no checks and balances in effect. The Area agreed with me this was not good business practices and that they had no proof of any wrong doing on my part, but I was still suspended since my name was on the tickets. This is shody business at best and unfair. I have never stole anything in my life, and I take this as an attack on me personally. My co-workers were infromed of my suspension and the reason behind it. My reputation has been ruined and since the same mnagement is in place at several stores around me, I cannot work a location near me without this follwing me. I am innocent of any wrong doing yet my good name is forever ruined in this area. Jobs are hard to find right now, and even if I am placed back on the schedule my coworkers will always look at me with suspision. Cary Lula, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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Address: Mundy Mill Rd Oakwood, Georgia U.S.A.


Phone: 678-5316194

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