Complaint: On November last I did a lot of jobs to Wagner Consulting LLC, and they were carried out as urgent. So I did, and the jobs were done most of them during the night and on weekends, to fulfill their deadlines to the clients. The jobs in question were assigned by Ms. Aya Arafa and ms. Carmen Linares, Project Managers. The rates were very cheap with the excuse that they were a low budget (it seems to be the worldwide excuse for low and cheap rates). I even offer one job that took me 3 long hours and was technical – engineering which is my scope of expertise. The amount due was 13,00 USD which I refused to accept. I’m sure the client has paid. The end of February is almost ended and I only was paid today the fortune of 53,00 of almost 400 USD they are owing me in total. After many emails to everyone, and having no answers, Ms. Natalia send me an email stating they were going to be paid this month on the 26th payment cycle. Today I realized that I am not going to get the rest of the amount. This is unbearable, I’ve been waiting and waiting, and nothing! I feel like I’m begging for my rights. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT? Thank you so much, with my kind regards Isabel N Portugal

Tags: Ripoff- Internet, Translation Agencies

Address: Unknown United States

Website: Wagner Consulting llc

Phone: –

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