Wal-mart 323 California Review


Okay it was a rainy day and I was board. I decided to make a few fun calls. nThis is what I said. nEmployee: You have reached the food and snack department this is Henry speaking how may I help you.nMe: Hello do you have Olive Oil in a bottle.nEmployee: Hold on let me checknMe: waits a minute or twonEmployee: Yes we have five bottles.nMe: You better let her out because Popeye is getting mad nThen I called a second time. Again I asked for the food department. nThis time I asked if they had Prince Albert in a Jar. nI can’t believe Henry fell for it again because he went to check. nHowever the third time I called I asked him if his refrigator was running. He said n”OH

it’s you again

well I have to go and catch it

and he laughed but he said nicely don’t call again unless I have a real question because he had a lot of work to do. Then he hanged up. I guess he was on to my joke calls now. nHe hanged up on me but atleast he was nice so I did not call him again because he seemed like a nice guy and I did not want to make him mad. nChrisn323


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