Wal-Mart Manhattan Kansas Review


Many bad things at this Manhattan, KS Wal-Mart: nList: n1) Worst customer service ever! n2) Be ware of the price. We had experience many time that price tag on the shelf do not match the price when you checked out. Sometime only 10 cents different but Wal-mart has more than 10,000 customer here alone. Think about it how much money they are cheating out of you! Many customers buy full cart at a time so I don’t think we can remember all of the price, but I dare you to check it. You’ll see for yourself. There was one time the bread price was wrong and casheir blame it on the bread company. Can you believe that? “Bread company price it that way”” that what she said. But how come the tag on the shelf at “”Wal-Mart”” don’t match the computer check out at “”Wal-Mart”” but it’s the “”Bread Company”” fault? I want to laugh but I was to mad to laugh for this stupid excuse. She was too lazy to check out the price she told us to wait until she check out the rest of the line. She said she ‘s too busy. We broght the tag from the shelf to show her that when she shut up and didn’t even appologize. nOther time

when we argued that the price was wrong after check out they had us go to customer services. Customer service was very rude

and again too lazy too walk the ailses of the Super Wal-Mart to check out the price. She made us feel like we’re wasting her time

but we were right with the price when she came back with unhappy face. My mother said thanks to her but she was rude and just ignore my mom appreciation. This was only a few bad experience I wrote here. There’s a lot more I just want to forget about it and don’t want to waste more time. I just want to warn you people out there who had some other bad experience and stumble upon this message. I hope it will make you a little more caustious when shopping at Wal-Mart. n3) Lube and Express at Wal-Mart are bad. Every time we had oil change there when we’re too busy to go to our regular machanic shop

they always spill oil all over your engine. We always smell burned oil everytime we had oil change there. Never smell it at any other place. nOne time I accidentally met my friend there who happened to do oil change the same day with me. We checked out the same time

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