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I went to walmart to purchase a video game for my adult nephew. I wasnt aware the one he wanted is rated adult. I sent his sister to pick out the video since im not sure of the game. We were in a hurry to check out so i sent her to see how much the game was and if i gave her enough to pay for it. She was told she couldnt purchase the game. She came back to tell he and i said ok i will get it when i go back to check out. nThe person at the register was making faces at me like i was a criminal and called Kathy the floor manager for the night. Well, Kathy and i had an issue in my shop i own and she caused a distubance and left. She apparently still has a problem with me so as she approached me with the game with a smerk on her face the whole time. Telling me the rules of purchaseing this game was illlegal for them to tell me the game. nI really dont care about the game i can get it somewhere else. I told her the situation its a present for my adult nephew. Feeling i was being singled out and embarased i called for another manager to come out. Kathy chased the manager all the way to me telling her what ever and waving her arms with great expression. I feel the women didnt respond well when i told her thats fine i dont have to have the game but i feel i was treated porely from her and the cashier that i didnt get her name. But later saw huddled together as i was leaving both smerking in delight that i didnt get what i needed from the store. nThis is a small town and i guess a managers position at Walmart justifies treating customers like trash. I wanted to return all my items out of rage of the situation and i was ignored by the same 2 people that i had the problem with. I walked out very imbaresed upset and never wanting to go back in that store again. Word to the wise from 1 buisness owner to another. The customer is always right and treat them with respect or they tell allot of people and soon there are no customers coming through the door.

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