Walmart Costa Mesa California Review


In Sept 2002 I was falsely arrested by a Walmart employee who is now deceased.As a result of this man’s fabricated representation of my actions resulted in a 3-month legal ordeal that resulted in a staggering emotional toll and major unnecessary stress on not only myself but my family.I had purchased work boots that didn’t match. I came back to the La Quinta Walmart with the boots in the box inside the plastic Walmart bag with the original reciept in the bag. I made a bad choice and surpassed the echange counter and went directly to the shoe dept. and simply exchanged the wrong boot with the correct one. Although this was unwise and stuipd, what happened next was outrageous. I was apprehended while exiting the store and immediately accused of “walking into the store

putting shoes into the bag and leaving”” which was frankly

the most retarded interpretation involving something entirely different

making it a flat out fabrication

which I mentioned to him. There was no store video camera with footage which is ironic since it would have proved this man’s claim of events to be false.I was arrested for felony theft and into custody at the Indio Ca. Jail until I was bailed out within 8 hours thank God. I was legally required not to discuss this or to enter another Walmart store.There was no video evidence. How the hell did my legal representation not use this as a concurrent circumstance

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