walmart Fountain Colorado


Complaint: On june 3rd, we purchased a package of pork chops from the fountain walmart store, when opened, we found three very nicely cut chops on top, and absolute junk meat in the rest of the package, this meat was returned to walmart the following day! We were told by a women in the return/refund area that we could not get a refund but after talking to her boss we were told that they would give us another package of meat, but that this would be the only time they would do this! when ask to speak to this womens boss, she declined, saying she could not do that, we were assured by this women that her boss had told her that ALL walmart meat was this way! we declined taking the package of meat offered, telling them that we didn’t want another package of junk meat, they assured us once again that it was all like that! we left the store and will not buy any meat from this store again!!!

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: hiway 85-87 fountain, Colorado United States of America



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