WALMART Hallandale Beach Florida Review


I went to my closest Walmart, which has been my favorite store for more than 7 years now, and because of trying to pay all my 15 items in a regster of 10 items, the cashier make accusations of using the wrong regster, didnt want to let me pay for milk ,diappers and medicine for my kids, even though that the store was not in a rush hour, she was so rude and nasty and at the end she start taking the others on the line,until and employee show up and ask me to leave the store without the diapers the milk everything…. because I was complainning about the drunk cashier. So informative flash WALMART MANAGEMENT , your employee denied to provide his name neither was using a tag with a name…..the only thing he said is that he was in charge…..IT WAS YOUR PHOTO GUY……and all this happened with ur security personnel as witness, she asked me to stay on the store twice, told the cashier to stay calmed and was surprised about the cashiers attitude. the other one black circles around the eyes , looked sick, maybe because she was smelling like vodka…..Rosie register 4 Saturday night 06/04/2016, u really consider making drug tests before hiring, and do not allow people to work drunk. U just lost a loyal customer and thousands that I used to spend there, ging across the street to Publix, where customer MATTERS, and the employes are clean and sober all day long! this is the “MANAGER”” of Walmart. CUSTOMERS BEWARE OF COUNTING UR ITEMS TWICE !!!!!”



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