Walmart Services Group Oklahoma City Oklahoma


Complaint: I received a letter and a check in the mail for $1,992.15 from Walmart Service Group in Bentonville Arkansas. Since I use to work for Walmart in the past, and was considering this secret shopperu2019s job offer, that came along with the check amount. I thought I was pretty savvy with scams but later learned that I had been duped. Having said that , I deposited the check of $1,992.15 into my account. I got a email from my bank of the alert later that day. Whereas I did some of my own investigating online regarding the company and check. I was appauled to say the lease, and immediatly reported it to my bank. Iwas told that I would get a penalty Service charge for the investigation, and return of the check, of $12.00. I am so thankful that I hesitaded in using some of that money during the weekend. Lesson learned.

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Address: 702 8th street bentonville Bentonville , Arkansas USA


Phone: 4792504320

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