Wang Gang BLACKHEATH Alabama


Complaint: I ordered a pair of shoes online – leather shoes which were leather and made under the brand name ‘Siren’, which were advertised from Australian sellers, but not available in my size. SO I ordered them from a company claiming to be in the UK. The shoes which eventually arrived were from Wang Gang in China – horrible cheap plastic fakes wwhich weren’t even a similar colour to the shoes I ordered. And no response at all from the Fowler Bros website – except to send a tracking number when I complained about nothing being sent. The tracking number claimed to be UPS but this proved to be incorrect. Was horrified when I received the shoes – paid $AUD132 for them (which includes shipping) – and was charged about $AUD 140 for them – they couldn’t keep their fingers out of my bank account even AFTER I’d been scammed for the original amount.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 16.253 Lane Hangdong Road, Shanghai Minhangqu Shanghai, China



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