Warrior Custom Golf Complaint


Aftre trying to send used clubs back that were supposed to be free to try in a promo deal, I found it almost impossible to get satisfaction trying to send them back. When you do get through to the sales person or customer service person they are no help. Thay say that they have no authorization to help you to return the clubs .They will send you over to their high pressure sales person, Rainer. You are badgered to buy more clubs, a fullset of irons, plus wedges etc. After much time wasted, I figured I would just settle on a price. A mistake. I checked my credit card and they are shipping the club set which I earlier refused. They will bill you and sell you stuff on your credit card that you did not buy or want. Please never ever do business with this company or you will be sorry. A lesson learned the hard way. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

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