WatchCat Spring Creek Nevada Review


Approximately I year ago I sent the following watches to Watch Cat on consignment. The watches were sold on his website and he did not send me the proceeds for the sales. I contacted him by phone and email on many occassions and was promised that payment would be made. As of today. I have not received any money and another promise of payment. All the watches were either new or almost new and I have listed them below with a fair market value determined by the same watches selling on ebay. All were in the original boxes with all paperwork. 5923 sandoz w/fancy pen $200 5924 croton tungston carbide? $250 5925 Invicta 1959 russian diver, remake $400 5926 Tag heuer formula one w/brac $400 5927 Zodiac chronograph, nite day blk white $300 5928 Zodiac nite day orange $300 5929 zodiac desert hawk $300 5930 invicta ss black dial quartz chrono $200 5931 Jacques LeMans automatic chrono $690 5932 Technomarine diver, black $500

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