WaterWorld Roach Missouri Review


I wrote him back and thanked him for his response, and said that I would remove my complaint as soon as I had the correct filters in hand and that if he’d answered my first email and sent the correct filters that I wouldn’t have filed the complaint in the first place. He responded 6 hours later and told me that he always responds and that he had been on vacation and worked alone is why it took him so long to ship the filters, but that he wouldn’t ship the correct ones until I removed the complaint. (I figured that if I removed the complaint that I would never see the correct filters.) Consequently, he had my $70 and my filters. I wrote him back and told him that if I had known he was gone on vacation and he would ship when he returned, I would have either understood or would not have ordered from him in the first place. Either way I wouldn’t have needed to file a complaint. I also told him that it was too late in the day to ship the correct filters and since it was a weekend, it would be Monday before he could ship, so he couldn’t ship asap as he had stated he would do if I removed my complaint. I also told him that he doesn’t always respond to customers because I wrote him on the 4th of Aug. and he didn’t respond to me until I filed the complaint on the 10th. I wrote, regardless we need to find a compromise solution to this dilemma that keeping the wrong filters didn’t help me at all because I couldn’t use them and asked him to give me a refund and a shipping label and I’d return the wrong filters to him. nHe took offense to my email and he wrote: “Look

this is getting to be a back and forth situation..I made a mistake

I’m not perfect. And I shipped the wrong filters before I left on vacation..Options.. You can remove case and I ship the filters or you can keep the case and then you need to ship back the filters on your behalf before you get refunded..I already mentioned I will ship the filters once removed..You make the call. You are taking this way to far like I’m robbing you dry..””nOn Aug. 12th He asked me if we had come to an agreement?nThen on Aug. 13th he said for me to proceed with my complaint case but he will not ship unless I remove claim.nSo I filed a claim with PayPal’s Resolution Center

I was told by PayPal that my case would be decided by Aug. 31st. They also said that they had contacted Adam Castro and instructed him to send me the correct filters and a shipping label for me to return the wrong filters

he did not comply. I received my credit card statement with the charge on it the first week of Sept. so I called the credit card company and filed a dispute with them against the charge. Then I called PayPal to see if they had come to any conclusion on my case

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