Wayne Akers Ford Inc Review


I test drove a car and the tire felt like it was bouncing. They told me it was just low on air and filled it . I bought the car and on the way home the light came on again. They told me to bring the car bring it over and they would take a look. I stopped at a friends garage on the way and he looked at it and said it had a nail in it in a place that could not be repaired with a patch and to replace the tire. I took the vehicle back to Wayne Ackers. They took a look and patched the tire. I told them it was not acceptable and they said they do it all the time and if I had a problem them would replace. Shortly after I started having the problem again and called them and they told me they would not do anything for me. The like to take advantage of women ! Please do not patronize this dealership or you will end up like me

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