We wish we had not gone here! Please avoid going here!


My uncle had always had issues with his weight ever since he was a child, as we had all heard from our father. As he grew older, he had only put on more and more weight and was now morbidly obese, by being over 75 pounds over his normal body weight, and the numbers kept o increasing. He was also nearing sixty and that put his at a greater risk of heart disease and other problems like cholesterol. So we decided to consult a specialist and took him to Dr. Cernero after fixing an appointment by calling +1 903-462-4247. The initial treatment was fine and although my uncle had a problem controlling his food addictions, the doctor was actually quite patient with him and gave him a diet that he could comfortably follow. However, he also recommended his signature gastric sleeve surgery, and that was something that my uncle was reluctant to go through just then. However, the doctor somehow convinced him and my uncle had the procedure. It has been about four months since the procedure but my uncle has only lost about 18 pounds since then. I do not know whether the procedure failed or whether the procedure was simply not meant for him, but what we know that since this was an optional surgery, the insurance had not covered the cost and my uncle was thousands of dollars poorer and with no significant results to show for it. What was worse was that he started binge eating again and this time he does not even try to control himself. We just wish we had followed the natural course of action and not relied on these procedures from Cerner.

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