Weather Shield MFG Complaint


all windows and 2 patio doors, 2 double hungs and rest all casement in house are freezing with ice on the inside, 3to 4 inches thick and about 3 inches high on inside are all freezing. House is only 10 years old and having trouble with them since 2005. Had a contractor from weathershied from Stillwater, MN to the house. He checked humidity and was only 26% which is what is all the time and our furnace man also said that is like a dessert. Very much static also. Having a door blow test done Saturday, Feb. 1st. Will see what he says but I talked with him on the phone and he also said 26% humidity is dry and feels the windows are leaking. we will see Sat. I have been trying to get an answear on this with no luck. Many phone calls and getting no help.

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