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This is the complaint as published on HelloPeter, which nobody seems to want to respond to. Shocking customer service and very bad attitude towards resolving problems. I duly signed up for WebAfrica”s LTE internet option, via their online portal. The particular webpage verified whether you were in a LTE-covered area, before you could continue with the order. Satisfied that my area was actually covered, I placed the order, and after an absolute nightmare of trying to get further assistance from WebAfrica, the equipment was finally delivered. Impressed with the speed and connectivity, I let the initial bad experience go, and continued without any further problems. Then suddenly – two months later – I suddenly could not connect. I contacted WebAfrica through their chat portal, and explained the problem. This was on Friday 01-09-2017. I explained that I was running an online business, and that I was losing clients and money in down-time. They responded that they did not know what was wrong, but that the problem would be resolved within 24 to 48 hours. When the problem persisted through the weekend, and several attempts to contact WebAfrica had failed, I finally got hold of them again on Monday 04-09-2017. After spending most of the day trying to get them to pay attention to the problem, and being handed off to “Internet Solutions” (their service-provider) and “Rain” (their network specialists), neither of whom were interested in my particular problem, but simply told me to communicate through WebAfrica, I was told the following by WebAfrica: I signed up and bought the equipment, knowing that I was not in a LTE-covered area, and that this was my own problem. If I wanted to get onto the internet, I could contact another company (which I presume is linked to them) to get an antenna which would give me access. When I responded that I would not have been able to even buy this equipment originally if I did not fall into a coverage-area, and that the equipment actually worked for two months before it suddenly and mysteriously stopped, the simply reiterated that I did not fall into the LTE area. When I asked for a manager, I was told that they were not available, but that they would be given a message to contact me. Ridiculously, I was actually asked what resolution I desired from speaking to a manager… Wow! Have we really become THAT insolent that we treat our customers like idiots, and then shift the blame to them when our bad service becomes too apparent to deny? In the meantime, the monthly rate of R999 has already been deducted off my account, and I have yet to see any benefit thereof. My business is losing clients and money, due to this laughable incompetence. My recommendation: DON”T GO TO WEBAFRICA!!! They will promise you the earth, make you pay for it, give you a taste of what “s promised, and then rip the carpet out from under you. Then, when you complain, you will be dragged around and treated like a fool, until they manage to get you to agree to spending more money on their service… Rather choose a more expensive, but more professional provider. The conversation on Monday with your agent “Ricardo” is as follows: We discovered that the issue is on the Rain server, we are currently working closely to have it resolved.03:45 PM HOW DOES THAT RESOLVE MY PROBLEM OF BEING WITHOUT FOR THREE DAYS, AND STILL NO RESOLUTION?03:46 PM What are you doing to make up for this? And the money and clients my business has lost? And the money it”s cost me to try and run this from a cellular network?03:47 PM WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE RESOLVED?03:47 PM i am working on it with the rain team as we speak.03:51 PM this is a high priority for us and will have it resolved shortly.03:52 PM They have requested that you do a hard reset.03:52 PM That is exactly what you guys said on Friday. And what about restitution?03:53 PM Hard reset done. Still red Mode.03:54 PM That is exactly what you guys said on Friday. And what about restitution?03:55 PM Hard reset done. Still red Mode.03:55 PM it out of range it seems.03:58 PM Absolutely impossible – the router has not changed position since I have had it. What are you doing to resolve this issue, and when will it be resolved? Should I then hold you personally responsible for damages suffered, as you simply refuse to answer my questions pertinently?04:01 PM Try reposition the router, other than that not much can be done other then getting an enttana, if you check on the website you will see you are out of range.04:05 PM 40 New Scotland Rd, Pelham, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa04:05 PM WWW.webafrica.co.za/lte04:05 PM That is absolute nonsense! This router has been working all along, until now. Even if it is out of range of LTE, it should automatically switch to 3G, which it doesn”t. Do you really want to tell me that I am suddenly in a cellular “Dead Zone” (which happened spontaneously over night), when everyone around me are having no communication issues whatsoever?04:08 PM you can contact these guys, they can advise you on an enttena04:08 PM poynting.tech04:08 PM Please! That”s just ludicrous.04:08 PM Give me your manager”s contact details, please. I have never heard such rubbish in my life.04:09 PM an i arrange for a manager to contact you?04:14 PM When will this happen?04:14 PM who assisted you with the sign up?04:15 PM did you sign this up yourself?04:15 PM Nobody. The process was online. What does that matter? I have a problem with the service and WebAfrica”s reluctance to fix their problem, but rather obfuscate the matter with stupid excuses.04:16 PM are you saying you knew you were out of range but signed up?04:17 PM I WAS NEVER OUT OF RANGE! At the time, my address was within range, otherwise I never would have signed up. The process from your end was such that you had to check whether you were in fact in range first – if you weren”t, you could not continue with the order. If I was out of range, HOW DID I HAVE INTERNET UNTILL NOW? Come on, man!04:19 PM In all respect doing that is at your own risk if you siged up out of range, it does show it on our map that you just miss it and that is not an excuse, the best we can do is to help you get a suitable adviser for an antenna, I spoke to rain regarding this and this is what is advice going forward.04:22 PM I COULD NOT HAVE SIGNED UP IF IT WAS OUT OF RANGE!!! YOUR PROCESS ONLINE WOULDN”T ALLOW THAT!!! Are you reading my messages???????04:23 PM If I was out of range, HOW DID I HAVE INTERNET UNTILL NOW, ON THE SAME EQUIPMENT??????04:23 PM This chat is recorded, and I am going to take this to public forums. This is pure incompetence. Give me the contact details of your management, please.04:24 PM i have arrnage the call back for you.04:25 PM please allow us to further investigate and contact you asap.04:25 PM WHEN WILL THIS BE???????04:26 PM I cannot afford this to drag on endlessly.04:26 PM it is a bit late at the moment and you can expect a call back by tomorrow for the latest.04:28 PM i hope this help.04:29 PM NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Then we are going into five days!!! If I do not get a call before 17:00 today, this entire conversation is going onto public forum.04:29 PM And your name will be in there.04:30 PM If you wish to gain more insight on this query you can confirm directly with Rain support.04:31 PM Rain Tel: (+[protected]:31 PM They will tell me exactly the same as IS earlier today – that the query must run through WebAfrica. If your management does not contact me before 17:00 today, this all goes onto public forum, with IS, and Rain.04:33 PM currently, the LTE manager is not available hence i have logged it and we can contact you tommorow.04:35 PM Not my problem then – you will have to deal with the fallout. What is the out come you wish to see once you have spoken to a manager?04:38 PM Is this really that difficult? I am paying for a service which was working perfectly, until it wasn”t. Now, I am losing money, and my business has ground to a halt, because I cannot get online. I want the same internet service – which was working perfectly before, and which I have paid for – to work. This is what your service promises, and delivered, but now no longer does. I want my internet access reinstated immediately, I want credit for the days I did not have access, and I want you to pay the damages suffered due to this nonsense. And every day your bad service drags on, the bill escalates by thousands of rands.04:42 PM ok.04:44 PM i will relay the message.04:45 PM I hope this help.04:48 PM DO YOU REALLY THINK IT DOES? STOP READING OFF THE SCREEN AND THINK FOR YOURSELF! HAVE YOU REALLY HELPED ME??? THINK FOR YOURSEL[censored]04:49 PM i understand your frasrtaions. If you did, this joke would have been resolved long ago. Please don”t try to placate me with further irrelevant and idiotic nonsense – I am now taking this further, and your contribution to this joke will be noted.04:55 PM I am really sorry for the internet connection issue you are experincing and the lack of connection.04:56 PM On Tuesday, I followed up again, as still no resolution has been arrived at, and still no communication from any manager. The conversation follows here: ASE27 / [protected]:39 AM Still no communication from your management about my ongoing lack of internet access which I have paid for, which worked perfectly, and now suddenly doesn”t. Shall I update the Hellopeter review to this extent as well?08:39 AM Hi Etienne08:44 AM I”ve just checked the mailbox for feedback from Internet Solutions08:44 AM I can forward the mail to you08:44 AM Please do that. I am still waiting for your manager”s call, as promised by Ricardo yesterday. When is this matter going to be resolved? Or do you guys simply not care?08:45 AM We do care Ettiene we have been trying to resolve this with Internet Solutions08:46 AM I apologize if you”ve not received a manager callback yet, but please note the manager will only be able to do us much as myself as an agent will be able to do08:46 AM But maybe I would actually be able to speak to someone who actually takes note of my specific complaint and responds pertinently to the same, instead of reading the recommended response from a screen. Then, maybe the problem could actually be resolved… WHEN WILL THIS BE RESOLVED?!!!08:48 AM The main reason as per Internet Solutions advice is that you are in a poor coverage area, so this is highly likely the reason you”re unable to connect08:50 AM That is just absolute [censor]! I have had this service for three months now, and it worked perfectly for the first two, until suddenly last week, when it stopped working. Absolutely nothing changed in the coverage area. Nobody else in this area has any problems with connectivity. If LTE itself is a problem, the system is supposed to automatically revert to the next available signal, in this case 3G. Do you really expect me to be stupid enough to accept that this is your actual explanation for your failure? Or do you simply not know enough about your own product? Or, AGAIN, do you simply not care enough?08:54 AM And now simply no answer. Well done! You fit the performance and service-expectation at WebAfrica.09:01 AM WHAT IS GOING ON?????? IS THIS REALLY HOW THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS?

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