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I was scammed by weblmstore.top and although they took my money, they never sent anything and never replied to any of my emails. I did a bunch of research to find out more about them.It turned that they were one of dozens and dozens of websites created by the website beyondemall.top most under one or two dns certificates.They almost all use the .top for their websites but a few of them use .xyz at the end of the website name. One distinct characteristic of most of them was that if you scrolled down to the bottom of their website page and looked at " Terms and Conditions" you found this statement:"Unless otherwise noted,No trademark or service mark license is granted in connection with the materials contained on this Site.Access to this Site does not authorize anyone to use any name,logo or mark in any manner.All other trademarks not owned by this website or its subsidiaries that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners,who may or may not be affiliated with,connected to,or sponsored by " Our Oakley Sunglasses Store" or its subsidiaries.All content included on this site,such as text,graphics,logos,button icons,images is the property of this site or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws."Their websites look very professional and almost all of them claim to be based in the United States, but the money taken from my credit card was changed to Chinese money indicating they are probably based in China.I don’t know if it means anything, but since being scammed, my virus protection program on my computer indicated that "privatbank.ua" based in the Ukraine and HSBC*,had been attempting to collect information on my computer. To my knowledge, I had had nothing to do with either of there banks.Here is some of scam sites that appear to be directly connected to beyondemall.top:****************************.arsegstore.top*.blackshop.top*.interstore.top*.latukstore.top*.ldpprshop.top*.partyshop.topAlthough beyondemall.top doesn’t appear to be selling anything anymore, their website has an advertising page with a half dozen or so ads.I looked into some of the websites advertised and the one that caught my attention was 86mall.comThe reason it caught my attention was because it was out of China, formerly known as 86daigou.com and had recently added "mall" to it’s name and if you look at their website, everything they sell has "beyond" in it’s name.If you look at the complaints against the website, there are dozens and dozens and they too appear to be a scam website. It may be just a coincidence but with only 6 or 7 sites advertising on the beyondemall,top website, it seems more than just a coincidence.There is also one of the websites on the large list I gave you, zandmstore.top that isn’t functioning properly and everything is still in Chinese.If you google, "is beyondemall.top a scam, there are quite a few reports out there, some going back a number of years.

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