Wellness Tools – Bruce Gelerter Watertown Connecticut Review


Stay away from Bruce Gelerter and Wellness Tools!!! For that matter, stay away from any company where this guys name shows up. If you’re ever in doubt, just do a Google search and look to see where his name pops up. He took $300.00 from me and I got nothing! I’ve been trying to get my money back for over a year now and have exhausted every “polite”” way I can think of. He strung me along for months saying the item was “”backordered””

then he went as far as to tell me in an email that he would refund my money and was sending out a check. Well that was over a month ago now. Stay away from Bruce Gelerter

if that’s even his real name! Scam artist! nShanenWatertown


3107 W. Colorado Avenue #171 Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A.

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