Wellpoint (Anthem Blue Cross) Twentynine Palms California Review


In November, 2009 Wellpoint sent me an e-mail advising me that I was not, apparently, taking my prescribed medicine as required. This notification reminded me of a specific complaint that I had not previously voiced. The two issues are as follows:Because of the situation described in the next paragraph, the last time I had done business with Wellpoint had been April 2008. Had I waited for Wellpoint’s notification regarding my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medicines I would certainly have died in the intervening year.In April 2008 they sent me anne-mail telling me that upon upgrade of their web site they found that I had twonusername/password combinations. Wellpoint advised me to immediately fix that problem. I attempted to return to the web site, using both of the twonusername/password combinations at issue. nNeither worked. When I attemptednto use the telephone option the representative could not tell me how to use thenweb site. I was deeply concernednnot only that I had no access to my ordering information, but also that mynordering history was also not available. I therefore replied to the e-mail they sent advising of mynloss of access and demanding that that access be restored. After literally months of promises thatnproved to be false I eventually was told, with what can only be characterizednas monumental superciliousness and hubris, to start over.”So I did. I started over with a local pharmacy.”

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