Wendy Lovejoy Knightdale North Carolina Review


I along with my girlfriend joined the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program at the end of November 2016 to gain knowledge about making money and growing a business through Real Estate. I was promised full access to a team of lawyers, real estate agents, like minded individuals who would learn along side me, access to scripts, addresses of for sale by owner homes (FSBOs) and of course access to Wendy Williams Lovejoy. Once in the program, things didn’t go as they should. My girlfriend and I would constantly have to call Wendy and ask for scripts which took her about a month to send through email, the team didn’t feel like a team either, even when I reached out to others for help and I began to feel as though I wasn’t learning as much as I should. Many times I would ask questons only to receive part of the answer which always kept me feeling clueless and dependant on Wendy. As for the addresses that my girlfriend and I were supossed to receive, only one set was given to us, when we paid for two memberships. Still trying to remain posotive, I noticed that one day Wendy posted a few properties on the group’s Facebook page saying that members of the group, if interested, can go in with her on those deals as partners. I gave Wendy a call about one of the properties I was interested in and she told me the general info; cost, sq ft, beds and baths, etc. I went over the numbers very briefly with her and decided this would be a great first deal. And since I had a partner who knew this line of work I figured this would be a great opportunity to finally get started and really learn hands on. Things did not go as planned. Wendy called me and told me i needed to send her $500 in earnest money as soon as I could. Along with her request she sent a very basic contract to me saying that I needed to sign it and send it back. I never signed the contract for a few reasons. It was very basic for what a purchase contract should be (1st time homebuyer) It did not outline any contingencies I wanted and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at because this is my first time trying to do this. However, even though the contract was never signed, Wendy never cared much about that, as long as I sent the money that she pressed me for. So I sent Wendy $500 in earnest money to get the ball rolling on this deal. About two weeks later Wendy calls me and says she receive a down payment of 15K from hard money lender and that I needed to send her more money to go toward paying back the hard money lender. Around this time I asked Wendy for a contract, photos, tenant info such as lease aggreement proof of employment, rent amounts. Everything that I as a parner should know. Instead what I got from Wendy was excuses. She would say things like i’ll have all of that tomorrow or at the end of the week but none of the above mentioned ever came. But Wendy would still ask for more money. She even asked me to break down payments to her by the month how I’d plan to pay her back the part of her money that she claims she “put in.”” After talking with a mentor I trust

I was told to not give anymore money until there was a contract in place. The next time I talked to Wendy I told her I would not be sending any money untill I see a contract

tenant info

photos and anything I needed related to that property we were trying to purchase. She said “”okay but there is no tenent info.”” This was strange because earlier inthe deal she told me she found tenents

a husband a wife and a daughter. At this point I was begigning to really second guess my choice entering this program. Everytime I wanted to simply get help I was asked to put up more money. I finally called Wendy and told her that I wanted out of this partnership and I wanted my earnist money back. Days go by and I didn’t receive a penny. When I would call I would get nothing but excuses of why she could not pay me back. She would say that she needed to forward a contract cancellation to her team first. Keep in mind there is no contract in place. She would then change it up and say that i no longer have claims to that money because I walked away from the deal. But there was no contract in place so I did not walk from anything. I even called my attorney to see if I was actually in the right to fight this

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