Wendy Nappier – HONDA Boss?fuks employees and has a husband and 4 kids. Alabama


I WAS married to an trashy idiot needless to say..Ill be the first to say HE was the homewrecker in my marriage not her.That being said,Wendy Nappier(wife of Duane Nappier/daughter in law if Shirley Dawkins)had a loooong tern affair with my ex husband while she was his Boss at Honda mfg of Al in Lincoln,Al.working in plant 2 PA2.she constantly stalked him and other men as well.desperate will ALWAYS be desperate I guess can’t make a slore a housewife either.They have a lil trash trailer at blue eye point rv park in Lincoln al too really classy. I hate it for her husband and children as well ..they seem like they’re to classy to be family with her kind.hopefully Wendy Nappier and Ira Daryl McDaniel will end up together in the end..they both deserve nothing more than the trashy,compulsive liars and cheaters they are.

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