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This so called Lighting Vendor called me about 4 or 5 years ago at my job. I’m a maint. man, how they obtained this address I know not, in any event upon discussing what kind of bulbs we use he asked me if we would at least look at thier catolog of course I said okay and gave him the address and that was it. Or so I thought. nA few weeks later we recieved a box with several light bulbs inside along with an invoice for an unbelievable amount! And yes the name on the box was unfamiliar so I asked if anyone else here at the church had ordered the bulbs and of course no one had. There was also a Home Depot gift card inside with a letter thanking us for doing buisness with them. nSo I called the company and was asking the why’s the whose and the when’s one would normally ask when getting something you never ordered. Thier answer was that I did in fact order them. I of course contested and told him I would be sending them back. Which we did. nA few months go by and we recieve an invoice wanting that money still can you believe these people? Well a few weeks ago it happened again except I didn’t take the call someone else did and they got us again. Same M.O. just a different day and person. I’m sitting here looking at an invoice for over 400.00 dollars for bulbs that retail for 1/4 thier price. nLet’s put an end to these scams once and for all by joining togerther and taking it to the legal system so that they can put these people where they belong!

Baltimore, Maryland United States of America



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