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Complaint: I work for westcat transportation, last year I got into it with the manager’s son, for some reason he had it out for me. since he has been there he has put his hands on me and nothing was done about it I have filled out incident reports on what happen also told two mangers the same day it happen. and yet nothing was done about it. Since then I have been written up more times then I can count for no reason at all. I have been told that I was not allow to come up to the job or I will be escorted off by the police. How in the hell is that possible when I am still a employee of this company.i have been talked about by the manager her son and their friend that is the operation manager. i haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this accept make a report about him putting his hands on me. and since then I have been told that they were taking me off my run. and told by supervisor that they where told to watch me or follow me. I reported this incident to the board of labors and still waiting to see what will happen. I was also told that the district manager wanted me fired by the operation manager. while my union rep said nothing. I have been lied on by this company. I have been told that I have customers complaint. but when I get into the meeting it had nothing to do with customer complaints so that was just another lie that they have told on me. All i ever did was come to work in do my job to the best of my ability. And they wouldn’t even let me do that. I could go on because it is so much to this story. i have seen managers cursing out other managers and threaten them an yet nothing happens to them. And for the manager to say that she knew nothing about this would be a lie. All that woman does is lie. She would try to make you look bad because you are not a a*s kisser., there is so much more to this story but right now i just dont want to keep getting into it.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 601 Walter ave Pinole, California United States of America


Phone: 5107247993

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