Western Silver Burbank CA Review


I placed an order with a request on shipping. They left me rude messages stating that they had emailed me and left me three messages the day after I ordered it. I received only one call with no message other than that they done the above. I immediately called and got an employee in the warehouse that had no idea why I was contacted. nI called again this morning to find out what they needed, they were again rude (this after I had placed an order for over $200.00) and accused me of lying. I agreed to pay whatever shipping costs to get the gift to my mother on time and was very courteous. I then suggested that they be kinder to big ticket customers and he immediately told me my order was cancelled and hung up. nNow my gift will not get to my mother in time for her birthday as this whole sequence of events has taken three business days. nI don’t believe in this new mentality of business where they can be as rude as they want to the customer. I am reporting this because I believe it needs to stop. Please do not take your business to Western Silver if you are reading this. There are companies that will be kind and deserve to have your business. nI have also contacted Reed & Barton to let them know that high end silversmiths, such as themselves should not let Western Silver represent their products. nThank you. nDianenLos Angeles, California

4045 S. Buffalo Dr. #A-101, Las Vegas, NV 89147 Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.


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