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I bought a used 2012 Nissan from the Nissan dealer in Huntington Beach, Ca. They financed me through WestLake. I have had this car for well over a year now paying on it. I just stopped answering their phone calls, itu2019s to the point of harassment. They start calling 5 days before your payment is due and 6 times a day starting at 8 am if you are late. I just stopped answering their phone calls. I had become 30 days late recently. Unfortuantly I hit s tough time. Has some random expenses come up. They started calling me showing up at my house threatening repossession. I told them numerous times when I will make the payment and the rude collections department refused to schedule a payment. Forcing me into giving them my debit card and running it just to prove them it would decline. I spoke with Sergio ext 3477 super nice, I told him I couldnu2019t make the payment they scheduled because I donu2019t get paid for another 2 days. He tells me to call him on Friday when I know I canu2019t make the payment and he will work with me, talk to his supervisor (I already knew I couldnu2019t make the payment on the 28th I get paid on the 1st) I told him I couldnu2019t I donu2019t get paid till the first, still he insisted I call back on Friday and not break the payment arrangement. Well I call him on Friday the 28th mister u201cNice Guyu201d Sergio is no longer mister u201cNice Guyu201d. Asking me if I used that as an excuse not to pay them!? When on Wednesday I clearly told him u201cI couldnu2019t not make that payment for another 2 days after the 28thu201d. Refused to talk to his supervisor for me and kept telling me he was going to repo it. At that point I told him to do whatever he needed and if I still had to vehicle by the 1st I would make the payment. Asked me to tell him where the car was, told me I was breaking the law and concealing the car. Iu2019m not going to do your job for you!!! If you would rather repo a car I have been paying on faithfully for over a year because I am late one month GO FOR IT! Finally I requested his supervisor who scheduled the payment for the 2nd (go figure!!!) in less than 2 mins. I have had 3 other car loans before this all in good standing and paid off. I have never ever had a repo threat at 30 days late. These people are the worst people I have ever financed with and I am in the process of refinancing. Already approved! So goodbye WestLake! My advise donu2019t speak to the jerk Collection guys who use bullying collection tactics WHICH are illegal and just speak to the supervisors they actually know how to handle business!!!

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